The best SUVs for Africa


1)Toyota Hilux/Toyota Fortuner

A very strong Pick-Up. Almost indestructible chassis, a very durable diesel engine with good autonomy and a legitimate Japanese pickup, reliable and capable of driving on any terrain. From my own experience, I have a partner who left the Hilux near a river without having to handbrake. The Picape fell in the river and stayed two days there until a winch removed it. As soon as he opened the door and water came out, he tried to start the engine, started it. There is a system in the Hilux / Fortuner Automatic Transmission that keeps it going and stretches it. It is useful for crossing stretches of water, where the gearbox opens and the water enters in case it changes gear. There are insulation compartments that close the system against water. In Hilux, you got a room for five and in Fortuner, you can take 7 seats. The Fortuner is an SUV version of the pick-up. The only problem is physics. Short Chassis and Body high, make the high centre of gravity … This is the very Pickup heeling in curves and gives it a high risk of rollover. If Fortuner is too big or too expensive for you, Try Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota RAV4. FJ Cruiser is also a good choiceThe other Toyota models like FJ Cruiser, RAV4 and Land Cruiser are also good options.

Hilux interior

The cabin, with seven seats of Toyota Fortuner

2)Suzuki Jimmy


If you do not have a lot of money, this is the best option. A compact, reliable, relatively agile, economical and all-terrain vehicle, Suzuki Jimmy. It has a 1.3 engine, which looks little, but carries the weight very well and the 4×4 comes out of any mire.

Some people tells thar the Gearbox is very hard to change gears.

3)Nissan Navara

It’s also a good option of being a Japanese Pick Up. The new Generation is taller from the ground… Interesting! Because of the Japanese Pick ups,Navara was the more urban and doesn’t have good Off-Road Habilities. The Gearbox is good and the All-New version has a good package of technologic items.

4)Mitsubishi L200

A very famous pickup, but at this time at Rallye Championships. The 4X4 Mitsubishi is pretty good and the engines MIVEC are very durable and efficient, even more with Diesel. The only problem is the expensive maintenance

5)Subaru Forester

Subaru is known by win several rally competitions. Its DNA is Cars with AWD, Boxter enginesand Jack of all trades features. Includes a hard-to-destroy Japanese soul. The Forester is an SUV that ally Smile-to-drive and AWD situations… It has a 2.0L turbo engine that has 240 hp and lets Forester 0–100 km in 7 seconds… it has a good distance from the ground and a long range.

Bad Terrains is it habitat

Source: Quora


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