How To Remove Black Spots

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We all do our best to avoid getting spots, but what about blackheads? These annoying blemishes are much harder to get rid of, but there are a host of products on the market to help you in the quest. We run through our favourites.

Swedish beauty brand Oriflame’s Blackhead Clearing Mask is hugely popular, and it’s not hard to see why. This deep-action clay mask with natural papaya extract and detect technology featuring salicylic acid helps to clear blackheads by drawing out dirt and oil. From first application it acts to purify your pores and promotes clearer, mattified skin, with a promise of significantly reduced breakouts in just four weeks.


Another purse-friendly brand is T-Zone, with their Black Peel Off Mask, containing charcoal and bamboo to unblock pore and peel away blackheads, Nose Strips, which draw out impurities and help unclog pores, and Clearing Mud Night Treatment, which helps minimize the appearance of pores, our top picks.

Nose strips are a fab way to help unblock pores and Korean beauty brand Oh K!’s 3-Step Nose Pore Strips are a great choice. These strips contain tea tree and peppermint to removing impurities and reduce the appearance of pores, leaving the nose looking flawless.

A more expensive option, but well worth the extra money, is the Intensive Pore Minimiser from Perricone MD. Suitable for all skin types, this liquid treatment dissolves the bonds that trap dulling dead cells to the skin’s surface, while maintaining a velvety-matte skin finish. Just apply a few drops to a cotton wool pad and sweep over problematic areas post-cleansing, to keep shine at bay and gradually combat enlarged pores.


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