20-Year-Old Man Arrested After 83-Year-Old Woman Found Dead At Her House

A 20-year-old man has been arrested by Murang’a County police in connection with the horrific murder of an 83-year-old woman, whose lifeless body was found on October 24 at her home in Nguruwei-ni hamlet, Kagundu-ini.

According to legend, a neighbor paid her a call that day in the evening after failing to spot Pauline Wanjiku throughout the day.

No one answered the door when she knocked, but she saw that the kitchen door was left ajar and the door to the living room was closed from the outside.

When neighbors started breaking into the main house, she decided to gather them.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations reported on Tuesday that the elderly woman was discovered dead on her sofa with her hands tied behind her back, a headscarf loosely draped around her brittle neck, and blood flowing from her mouth.

The home had been looted, and when police were summoned right away, they discovered that a 32-inch television, electric jiko, and cell phone were all missing.

The deceased’s food items, which she had purchased the previous evening for her evening meal at a nearby shopping center 300 meters away, were the only items left behind, according to the police.

Initial investigations revealed that the deceased was a single person who occasionally received visits from her grandson, Eric Wanyoike, a city resident who, according to authorities, also gave her the devices.

Detectives tracked down the main suspect in Waithaka, Nairobi County, where they found the senior citizen’s stolen electric cooker thanks to forensic investigation.

“The television set was retrieved from a second suspect named Wilkister Awuor, who acknowledged purchasing it for Sh5,000 from the first suspect. Similarly, the deceased’s phone was also found in the possession of a third suspect, Mercy Kadenge, who purchased it for Sh600, according to the police.

As investigators finalize their inquiries, four suspects are being detained at Kandara police station.

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