16 Suspected Muggers Arrested in Embakasi

Following a sting operation targeting criminal elements in Embakasi area, police in Nairobi on Friday detained 16 suspected muggers.

The suspects were apprehended at what was thought to be their center of operations in the Transami region. The officers seized a toy handgun, 37 knives, 3 pangas, and 2 hammers from the suspects.

The National Police Service (NPS) released a statement saying, “Villa Police Station officers from Embakasi, Nairobi, captured 16 suspected muggers yesterday from their hiding within Transami region.”

158 rolls of weed, 2 liters of chang’aa, and 10 Kenya Power meter boxes that were thought to have been stolen were also found by the security agents.

NPS also expressed gratitude to locals and National Government Administration Officers (NGAOs) in Embakasi for their contributions to the operation’s success.

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