15-Year-Old Robbery Suspect is Detained Following a Pursuit in Nairobi National Park

A 15-year-old boy suspected of being responsible for a spate of armed robberies in Nairobi has been detained by police.

The young person fled arrest on Wednesday and was caught after a 6-kilometer chase via the Southern Bypass and through the Nairobi National Park.

Detectives claim the young person, who came to be identified as being from Kibera’s Lindi neighborhood, was flushed out of a bush some 200 meters from the park’s electrified perimeter fence before sprinting into the conservation area.

Officers from the Akila Police Station and rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service, who had been watching the chase from the top of their surveillance vehicles, both took him into custody.

Police stated in a report on Thursday that the suspect “directed the officers to a site close to Wilson Airport, where they seized a knife he uses to stab victims before taking off with their goods.”

Detectives added that they had positively identified the child as the culprit in an armed robbery that occurred on November 2 near the bypass close to the South-C area and during which a guy lost a high-end phone among other items.

The young person is currently being processed in detention in preparation for his or her arraignment.

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